Todd Bergeson

Through 20 years of successfully managing teams and sitting in the CEO chair, I’ve experienced the challenges & successes, tough decisions, and lonely at the top feelings that CEO’s face. I also personally experienced the power of a CEO peer group and 1 on 1 coaching. That’s why I’m passionate about passing this along and helping others achieve the results this provides.

After attending college and graduate school for math and physics, I settled into Silicon Valley as an engineering lead for numerous products at two fortune 500 companies. I moved into various management roles, went to business school, and after a few years was responsible for worldwide product development teams for wired and wireless networking products as well as strategy and alignment of engineering organizations through several acquisitions. I’ve had extensive work with ODMs and suppliers in China, Taiwan, and South Korea as well as experience with the standardization process as part of Bluetooth SIG. If you owned a computer with Ethernet / WiFi / BlueTooth in the mid-90’s to early 2000’s, chances are good I was involved in it’s development.

After many years in Silicon Valley, I moved to Utah and then Colorado and founded a technology product development and manufacturing company. I’ve had extensive experience with all facets of starting, fund raising, leading growth, and exiting a successful tech company. Our ‘product’ was being the product development & operations arm for our customers and ensuring successful go to market. Through this I’ve managed all facets of business strategy, engineering, execution, and provided leadership externally and internally on company boards for numerous companies. Assisted numerous customers through funding rounds and two customers through being successfully acquired.

After successfully exiting that company, I focused on consulting for couple years for both business and engineering needs. While I’ve enjoyed this consulting time, I was really searching for something that would allow me to more broadly utilize my experience and impact companies and their leadership. That lead me to where I am today in executive coaching and leading CEO peer groups similar to what I was part of while running my own company. I can’t over state how my experience in a peer group showed me just how impacting this can be to the success of a company!

If you’re a growth-minded CEO or business owner and want to get the most out of your business and want to become the best version of you possible, we should talk and see if you’re a good fit for this group.