Sherif Sakr

I was raised in several countries by parents with PhDs and a high commitment to learning. These cultures inspired and influenced me, resulting in a professional career that was equally diverse: beginning as a chemical engineer, followed by corporate sales and commercial real estate investing, and eventually business ownership. This journey helped me realize that success is a daily practice, not a destination. Since life happens in the valley between achievements, I would not enjoy my life if I didn’t enjoy the journey.

My learning curve from passionate visionary to business operator to CEO was steep. When I sought to shorten it, I took control of my calendar and joined a board of CEOs called Chairman’s Council. I learned that no matter how smart I was, I couldn’t see my blind spots. My business improved because I improved – by being vulnerable to have my answers questioned, and my questions answered. A peer board was a blessing for me to avoid costly mistakes, enhance my decision-making, and grow my business wisely. It held a safe place to talk about the toughest problems and celebrate victories. And it was fun.

Today I’m honored to pay it forward by aligning with CEOIQ and the concept of Arête: to pursue excellence on a daily basis. When you master who you are on your journey, you realize that the ultimate prize is not only what you achieve; it is who you become in the process.