CERT Program Information

Chief Executive Round Table Membership Information

The Guiding Principles of a new Peer Advisory Group Experience for CEO’s…

A Vision of Arete…

The quest for excellence and achieving your highest potential.

That’s what the ancient Greek word ‘Arete’ means, and it’s the vision of CEOIQ Peer Advisory Groups…encouraging each member to continually reach for excellence and achieve highest potential.

Arete was used as early as 800 BCE in Greece. Homer used it, so did Plato and Aristotle. Each of the timeless Greek writers and philosophers had a unique ‘take’ on Arete. There is no English language word or phrase that captures the full meaning of Arete exactly as it was used in Ancient Greece.

It’s an ‘old word’ with new meaning for 21st Century Leaders. The concept that human beings have boundless potential and possibility is embodied in Arete…yesterday and today. For dedicated ‘lifelong learners’, Arete expresses in a single word that each of us is on a quest to actualize our possibilities and achieve highest potential…as we see it…from our unique individual perspective…without the judgments or ‘slings and arrows’ of others. And, with the support and caring of fellow-travelers on the same quest. CEOIQ Chief Executive RoundTable Members work together to encourage and support each other…honoring each Member’s journey toward Arete.

The quest for excellence and achieving your highest potential is constantly challenging. It is always calling you to reach higher and bring out the best in yourself and everyone around you. CEOIQ’s Chief Executive RoundTable Groups are an important part of each Member’s quest to achieve a vision of Arete.

A Code of C.A.T.E.

Confidentiality | Authenticity | Trust | Engagement

The four value pillars for CEOIQ Peer Advisory Groups exist on the foundation of Arete. Each of these values are an important component of the group experience all Members share…

Confidentiality – simply put, ‘what’s said in the room…stays in the room.’ Group members commit to the utmost discretion in maintaining confidentiality among each other. Our Code Commitment to Confidentiality is reinforced by a Member Confidentiality Agreement.

Authenticity – All Leaders, and CEO’s particularly, are ‘on’ 24/7/365 in today’s fishbowl world. Being ‘on’ constantly is both energizing and exhausting. CEOIQ Peer Advisory Groups are the place high-powered, high-energy CEO’s come to be real with each other…to get out from behind the ‘masks’ we all wear…to check egos at the door and spend a day being human, being authentic with each other.

Trust – is the most desirable quality, and yet the most elusive in business life today. CEOIQ Peer Advisory Groups create a trusted environment where each Member can be certain there are no agendas other than supporting each other in the quest for Arete. Members believe in each other, have confidence in each other and are willing to be vulnerable to each other knowing that there are no judgments.

Engagement – is about participation and commitment.

Your individual participation in the Group and each members’ commitment to play ‘flat-out and wide-open’ with each other creates the pillar of engagement. It’s also a commitment to attend regularly and be ‘fully-present’ at Group Meetings. Members are invested in both individual and group outcomes – and committed to mutual support in making extraordinary things happen through engagement.

A Mission to Encourage Responsible Growth

Entrepreneurs and CEO’s are committed to growth…it’s a commitment made easily, naturally. And being in business is like riding a bicycle…

…you are either moving forward or falling off — there’s no ‘standing still’.

CEOIQ Peer Advisory Groups are committed to encouraging responsible growth – top-line and bottom-line. We support Members continuous growth, professionally and personally. And, Members of the CEOIQ Community understand that there’s a responsibility that comes with growth…to grow in a way that creates sustainability and long-term value for yourself and the people depending on you as a leader.

Chief Executive Round Table Program Description

The Time Commitment

Joining a CEOIQ Chief Executive RoundTable (CERT) is a significant commitment of your time…and not one to be taken lightly or casually. Members of the CERT count on each other for input, advice, accountability and support. The invitation to join the Group is a time commitment of one full day per month to engage with your fellow members and work on your business instead of in it. In addition, there is a monthly meeting with the Group Chair – your Executive One-To-One coaching session that lasts from 90 – 120 minutes each month. And, there’s some preparation time for both the group and one-to-one meeting that assures you get the most value from your peer advisory group experience. It’s an investment that pays big dividends, personally and professionally.

Monthly Group Meeting

The Chief Executive RoundTable (CERT) meets monthly, generally on the same day of the month – like the first Thursday…or second Monday. Meeting schedules are published at least a year in advance so you can get them on your calendar and plan to be there – remember, Engagement is one of the four value pillars of the group and you can’t engage if you aren’t in the room.

We know that the world of today’s Entrepreneur / CEO is increasingly time-bound. And, while making 12 meetings a year is the way to get the most value from your experience…things happen for virtually every group member at one time or another that are the inevitable priority interrupts, causing you to miss a meeting. When that happens, you miss-out on the opportunity to unplug from your hectic world and plug-in to get recharged, reenergized, reconnected with other CEO’s. Your fellow members miss-out on the benefit of your knowledge and expertise contribution to the value everyone’s peer group experience.

Meeting Themes and Expert Speakers

The concept of ‘meeting themes’ is designed to create the opportunity to work deeper on learning, growth and development topics that the CERT group wants to pursue. For example, we may select something like ‘Workforce Development’ or ‘Financials and KPI’s’ as a theme and ‘camp out’ in that territory for 3 – 6 months. When the group is ‘working a theme’, half of each monthly meeting is dedicated to that particular theme.

Every-other-month (about 6 times per year) the CERT meeting will feature an Expert Speaker. Speakers are selected for their ability to contribute to the particular theme the group is working. For example, if the theme is ‘Developing Leadership’, we may feature 2 or more Expert Speakers who have significant learning content to share with the group and create opportunities to work with the speaker’s content and tools in subsequent meetings. Expert Speakers are compensated for their time and expertise presented to the Group.

Executive One-To-One Coaching

Each month you’ll meet with your Group Chair for an Executive One-To-One. These meetings typically last from 90-120 minutes. It’s more about the content and value than the clock. You’ll get the most from this executive coaching dimension of your CERT membership if you spend some time preparing…making some notes about ‘what’s the most important thing for me to talk about today’. There’s an Executive One-To-One Prep Tool on the CEOIQ website that you can download and use – it creates some structure for your preparation. Or, if you prefer, you can make notes in any way that suits you. The Executive One-To-One meetings are most productive when you email your notes a day or two before your scheduled appointment.

Annual Group Retreat

Once a year, your CERT Group may schedule and hold a Group Retreat that includes Members and Spouses. This is a true ‘retreat’ in the sense creating an opportunity to ‘withdraw’ from the world and experience your CERT Group in a completely different environment. It’s also your opportunity to forge stronger ties with Group Members and get to know each other in a more social setting, usually over a weekend, than the monthly meeting.

Retreat timing and locations are something that Group Members decide. We’ll set the month of the retreat at the beginning of each year (or earlier). Retreat costs, including your individual transportation, lodging and your pro-rated share of group expenses are not included in your monthly membership dues.

Becoming A Member

The Process

CEOIQ CERT Groups are exclusive to CEO’s, Presidents, and Owners of companies… Leaders with gravitas and standing in the communities where they operate. Being part of a Group is not for everyone and membership is not open to everyone.

The best way to pursue membership is attending a Discovery Event where you will get a better understanding of how the Group operates and the value of being a member.

After the Discovery Event, a Coaching/Enrollment Meeting will be scheduled so that you can experience the one-on-one coaching process. If you and your Chair agree that the CEOIQ Group is the right fit for both you and the Group, you will have the opportunity to enroll and begin your Membership.

Prior to your first Group meeting, you will again meet with your Chair where you will complete some screening diagnostics and assessments, and continue to explore what you want to get from the group and what you’ll contribute.

Your Investment In Your CEO Journey

Joining a CEOIQ Chief Executive Roundtable Group is an investment in your continued and long-term success.Our facilitators operate as independent licensees, coming together in the CEOIQ world to share community, content and learnings in order to enhance your experience.

Group facilitators set their own fees which may include an enrollment fee and always include monthly dues. Your facilitator will review the investment you’ll be making as a member of a Chief Executive RoundTable Group and the payment terms available to you.

Membership Commitment

The CERT group membership commitment is pretty simple – if you’re not getting value from your membership, let us know, discuss it with your Group Chair and the Group. You may terminate your membership with 30 days notice.

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