CEOIQ Discovery Event

Join us for this CEOIQ Peer Advisory Group Discovery Event and get a personal experience of how collaborating, strategizing, and sharing best practices with like-minded CEOs can take your business to the next Level.

There is no cost and no obligation. You will walk away with insights to help you grow your business and build long-term value.

What CEOIQ Group Members Say…

Chip Lewis

Chip Lewis – PSA Financial

It provides me advice from other CEOs who are among the smartest business people I have ever met. They share advice freely and speak from real life experiences. I get the value of their counsel on an ongoing basis. They hold my feet to the fire like nobody can, and I hope I do the same for them.

John Martindale

John Martindale – Brothers Services Company

Meetings are chaired by the best facilitators in the business, Ben Griffin and Mark Jankowski. They both have owned, managed and sold businesses, so they have the credibility needed to challenge members to take the tough steps needed to be an effective CEO. Also, Ben or Mark meet with us once a month to hold US accountable. We need that.

Chris Frederick

Chris Frederick – Automotive Training Institute

World-class speakers are brought in 6 times a year to share their knowledge. I’ve attended more seminars that I can count and there are none better than what we CEOIQ members hear.

Our ‘Secret Sauce’…Our Facilitators

Chris Frederick

Mark Jankowski

Mark Jankowski brings a diverse background to his role as a CEOIQ Facilitator. After graduating from Harvard University and the University of Virginia School of Law, Mark has found himself in many roles, including Corporate Attorney, Investment Banking, Business Owner, Best Selling Author, Keynote Speaker and Negotiation Expert. Mark has worked with executives at dozens of companies, including GM, ESPN, Bank of America, Gillette, T.Rowe Price, Verizon and Starbucks. Internationally, Mark has worked with clients on 6 continents in over 21 countries. Mark’s passion is helping people succeed in both their work and their personal lives, and CEOIQ Peer Advisory Groups provide the perfect platform to realize that goal.

Chris Frederick

Ben Griffin

Ben Griffin brings a wealth of entrepreneurial and corporate business background to his role as a CEOIQ Peer Advisory Group Facilitator. He spent over 35 years as a corporate executive, start-up entrepreneur and turnaround expert. Nearly 15 years ago, he reinvented himself as an executive coach and group facilitator – a role that allows giving back and growing at the same time. He’s passionate about working with CEO’s and Leaders who are lifelong learners pursuing responsible growth and personal leadership development. He lives his Current / Connected / Involved / Relevant mantra every day.

What’s Your Leadership IQ?

Do you have a plan in place to achieve sustainable growth in the future? Are you prepared to take advantage of new ideas? Do you put your businesses’ vision and mission into actionable form? CEOIQ’s highly skilled, experienced facilitators can help any organization reach their next level of success. We do that through a Peer Advisory Group experience that builds long-term Leadership IQ. With great facilitators and fellow members guiding you, you will create a crystal clear picture of where your business, your team, and you, are going.

CEOIQ Peer Advisory Group – “The Basics”

CEOIQ Peer Advisory Groups are designed with one mission in mind…You and your fellow group members helping each other Grow Your Businesses Responsibly. Being a Peer Advisory Group Member means you have the opportunity to ‘tap-in’ to experience, expertise and knowledge that you just can’t access anywhere else. Think about it…where else can you gather with like-minded CEO’s, Entrepreneurs , Business Owners who are committed to helping each other grow professionally and personally? Where else will you get ‘unvarnished’, real feedback (instead of what an employee, vendor or consultant thinks you want to hear)? The trusted relationships that grow in a professionally facilitated CEOIQ Peer Advisory Group are what our Members create and value most.

Your group meets monthly, on a ‘fixed day of the month’ (like the first Wednesday, or first Friday). Members come prepared to engage with each other and subject matter experts brought in to do deep dives into topics and themes being worked by the Group.

Guiding Principles…CEOIQ Peer Advisory Groups

Each CEOIQ Group is built around a set of Guiding Principles that create the foundation for group process, productive meetings and great relationships…

A Vision of Arete…

The quest for excellence and achieving your highest potential. That’s what the ancient Greek word ‘Arete’ means, and it’s the vision of CEOIQ Peer Advisory Groups…encouraging each member to continually reach for excellence and achieve highest potential.

It’s an ‘old word’ with new meaning for 21st Century Leaders. The concept that human beings have boundless potential and possibility is embodied in Arete. For dedicated ‘lifelong learners’, Arete expresses in a single word that each of us is on a quest to actualize our possibilities and achieve highest potential…as we see it…from our unique individual perspective…without the judgments or ‘slings and arrows’ of others. And, with the support and caring of fellow-travelers on the same quest. CEOIQ Peer Advisory Group Members work together to encourage and support each other…honoring each Member’s journey toward Arete.

The quest for excellence and achieving your highest potential is constantly challenging. It is always calling you to reach higher and bring out the best in yourself and everyone around you. CEOIQ’s Peer Advisory Groups are an important part of each Member’s quest to achieve a vision of Arete.

A Code of C.A.T.E.

Confidentiality | Authenticity | Trust | Engagement

The four value pillars for CEOIQ Peer Advisory Groups exist on the foundation of Arete. Each of these values are an important component of the group experience all Members share…

Confidentiality – simply put, ‘what’s said in the room…stays in the room.’ Group members commit to the utmost discretion in maintaining confidentiality among each other. Our Code Commitment to Confidentiality is reinforced by a Member Confidentiality Agreement. This pillar of the CERT Group Code creates an environment for working together, achieving Arete.

Authenticity – All Leaders, and CEO’s particularly, are ‘on’ 24/7/365 in today’s fishbowl world. Being ‘on’ constantly is both energizing and exhausting. CEOIQ Peer Advisory Groups are the place high-powered, high-energy Leaders come to be real with each other…to get out from behind the ‘masks’ we all wear…to check egos at the door and spend a day being human, being authentic with each other.

Trust – is the most desirable quality, and yet the most elusive in business life today. CEOIQ Peer Advisory Groups create a trusted environment where each Member can be certain there are no agendas other than supporting each other in the quest for Arete. Members believe in each other, have confidence in each other and are willing to be vulnerable to each other knowing that there are no judgments.

Engagement – is about participation and commitment. Your individual participation in the Group and each members’ commitment to play ‘flat-out and wide-open’ with each other creates the pillar of engagement. It’s also a commitment to attend regularly and be ‘fully-present’ at Group Meetings. Members are invested in both individual and group outcomes – and committed to mutual support in making extraordinary things happen through engagement.

A Mission to Encourage Responsible Growth

Entrepreneurs, CEO’s, Business Owners and Leaders everywhere are committed to growth…it’s a commitment made easily, naturally. And being in business is like riding a bicycle…you are either moving forward or falling off…there’s no ‘standing still’. CEOIQ Peer Advisory Groups are committed to encouraging responsible growth – top-line and bottom-line. We support Members continuous growth, professionally and personally. And, Members of the CEOIQ Community understand that there’s a responsibility that comes with growth…to grow in a way that creates sustainability and long-term value for yourself and the people depending on you as a leader.

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