Are You a Grinch Boss? Your Leadership Style May Be Giving You Away!


O.K., the Holiday Season is upon us…let the shopping begin (if you haven’t already started)! Next, take a few minutes out to think about the impact you, your leadership team, your managers and supervisors are having on your people!

Maeghan Ouimet, a San Francisco business  and culture reporter for INC Magazine published this provocative infographic a couple of years ago but remembering it now … there are lots of great ‘one liners’ in it for Leaders everywhere to think about.

Here are a few of my favorites:

“Good Bosses are teachers. In fact, their teaching accounts for 67% of (their) effect on productivity”…That’s from Kathryn Shaw at Stamford University – think about it, you can impact productivity positively – as much as 67% by focusing on being a great teacher!

“Three out of four employees report that their BOSS is the most stressful part of their job”! That little factoid in Maeghan’s infographic is worth a Strategic Thinking Conversation at your next Leadership Team meeting. Think about starting the conversation with a question…”What are we doing that adds negative stress for our people?”…and the follow-up, “What do we need to do to inject the appropriate levels of anxiety?”

Negative Vs. Positive Stress

You’ll notice that I phrased it ‘negative stress’ and ‘appropriate levels of anxiety’. That’s because sometimes, your role as boss is to ‘help people be uncomfortable with the things they are supposed to be uncomfortable with’. Now, there’s probably a difference of opinion on negative versus positive stress – and I’d guess your people see most of it as negative –  and, the point is to be sure the stress or anxiety you are inducing is positively motivated and constructive, rather than destructive.

Set the Right Example

What about further down in the organization? Are your first line managers and supervisors so stressed out themselves that in the classic ‘stuff rolls downhill’, they are just passing it along? If that’s happening – everyone down the line just modeling the behavior they see and experience above them, then it does not take long to get to the place where 65% of the workforce say they are…I’d rather have a new boss than a pay raise!

Here’s the link to Maeghan’s Infographic in INC Magazine

Tips to Improve Your Leadership IQ … and Holiday Spirit

1. Inspire your people with your example as a leader.

2. Accept nothing but the best from everyone.

3. Communicate a clear vision and direction – Here’s where we are going and why. Want to come along?

4. Collaborate and be a team player – the younger your workforce, the more important it is.

5. Walk the Talk! You are modeling the behavior you get – 24/7/365.

What are you doing? What’s your best practice for being the best boss you can be? We want to hear from you!