Mark Jankowski

Other than his wife and four children, Mark’s greatest joy in life is helping other people succeed. As a serial entrepreneur, he has enjoyed the opportunity to grow businesses from the ground up, hire and manage good people, create positive relationships with vendors and provide the highest valued services to clients. As Mark says during his keynote speeches: “Any success that I might have had has been reliant on helping others be successful. Achieving success in any other way would be both temporary and unfulfilling.”

This attitude is reflected in the two best selling books he has co-authored: “The Power of Nice: How to Negotiate so Everyone Wins, Especially You!”; and “Bullies, Tyrants, and Impossible People: How to Beat them Without Joining Them.”

A graduate of Harvard University and the University of Virginia School of Law, Mark started, as do many law school graduates, as an overworked drone cog in the wheel of a Corporate and Securities Law Practice. While three years of servitude did provide him with a deep understanding of all legal issues faced by small business owners and Fortune 100 companies alike, Mark’s entrepreneurial nature could not be squelched.

In 1991, he started Hands on Baltimore, a non-profit dedicated to matching your professionals to worthy charities. Within two years, this non-profit had a full time staff of 5 people, and was matching over 5,000 professionals to local charities annually. Mark stepped down as Chairman of Hands On Baltimore in 1997, but turned it over to capable Kelly Hodge Williams, who today has turned that start up into an organization that has connected more than 150,000 individuals to volunteer opportunities and has infused more than $20 million in time and talent into Central Maryland.

In 1993, Mark had earned his way out of his Legal Indentured Servitude (meaning that all his College and Law School Debt had been paid), and he joined Equity Partners, which was an investment banking firm that focused on injecting equity, managing turnarounds or liquidating assets of middle market companies that were facing bankruptcy. While overseeing successful turnarounds certainly fulfilled Mark’s passion to help others succeed, after having to watch enough bankrupt firms be liquidated, he decided it was time to sell his interest and turn into a new direction.

Mark then co-founded a negotiations training firm, which taught salespeople how to be more successful in their negotiations. Teaching people how to be more successful negotiators provided Mark with opportunities to work with dozens of Fortune 500 companies. He was also able to teach on 6 continents and in over 20 countries, including South Africa, Australia, Singapore, China, Japan, and throughout the EU. More recently, Mark founded the software company, Amplified Learning. The concept for the software originated with Mark’s frustration that many training classes failed to help attendees become more successful in their jobs because of the lack of reinforcement. Amplified Learning’s core software product, the Learning Reinforcement System (LRS), helps companies achieve greater ROI on their training dollars by engaging managers in the reinforcement of the training delivered to their employees. With the software in place, managers are able to help their employees become more successful, which in turn helps make their companies more successful. Mark currently helps other CEOs in several capacities. Mark currently serves on the Advisory Boards of 4 different companies, and works extensively with CEOs who seek coaching in significant negotiations. Over the years, he has helped companies close over $1 billion in negotiated transactions.

Mark has been a member of a Peer Advisory Group for over 10 years and he jumped at the opportunity to become a CEOIQ facilitator, as he always enjoyed discussing challenging business issues with his peers, and saw the opportunity to lead a Peer Advisory Group as a great opportunity to help more CEOs chart their course to greater success.